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Benefits When You Join Google Business

Benefits When You Join Google Business

To bring the highest comfort to users, Googlehas connected all information about business together to give searchers the results that are appropriate for each situation: search on the map, search on the web, find on mobile. The information about the business includes the website of the business, the location of the business on the map, news about the business online … When a person asks Google about a business, Google gives a total result. The case includes all of the above.
Benefits When You Join Google Business
Benefits When You Join Google Business
Due to the rising trend of mobile Internet, location information of businesses on Google maps often appears at the top of the search results. This information also includes phone numbers, hours, addresses and photos of businesses. When users find this information on their phone, they are ready to deal with businesses immediately: touch the screen to call for information, see the way to take place when needed.
Because of this convenience, businesses need to take care of their information, especially location information on Google maps. Incorrect information may damage the business. For example, if a customer searches for information about a famous travel company known as ABC, Google returns a result with an incorrect phone number, customers who call that number may meet a travel agency salesman. XYZ, who deliberately fixed the phone number of ABC company in Google map, this case happened and was reported in the newspaper. Thus, in this information age, every business must take care of its information very accurately and completely. The simplest thing is to take care of your business communications on Google maps with the free tool Google My Business
In addition, if the business has its own website, it must update the information in the website. If the business already has a strong brand, it must prevent information fraud on websites with nearly identical names. Speaking of the simplest, Google My Business, all businesses need to do is to mark all the transaction points of the business, fill in the address, phone number, business, website. , Picture; then follow the procedure to claim that information. Google has published instructions for this in English.
By following these guidelines, businesses will avoid problems such as contact information of the enterprise is changed, deleted, appropriated or taken advantage of …

Points to note in the above guide

  • Google My Business is only for businesses with a direct person-to-person transaction location. Organizations or individuals who only transact via electronic means (phone, email, web) are not allowed to mark the map, only use Google+ Brand Page
  • Exception: businesses are allowed to mark an ATM, and must specify a contact phone number when customers need help.
  • Do not mark places: not yet put into operation, houses for rent, houses for sale, places with short-term activities without ownership or long-term use rights (such as renting training class places).
  • Only business owners or legally authorized people may tag businesses on the map and confirm with Google. Once confirmed, the original registrant can assign the same location management to another person.
  • Business owners can ask a representative to mark and confirm the location. The representative can be the service person, you …
  • Enter the name of the business on the map: must be the same as the name on the sign hanging on the door, on the brand identity.
  • For example, if an enterprise with the official name of Long Vuong Tourist Service Trade Limited Company, the word Long Vương is the main word, the largest word on the sign, then mark the map with the name Long Vuong. Do not write enough official names on the map because it will be difficult to see when the map only has enough space to show the first 3-4 words (is the Responsible Company, losing the main part is the company’s own name).
  • For example, Hung Phat restaurant business should name the place as Hung Phat, without the need to write the restaurant because the restaurant is a list of industries already in the location information. The same goes for all other industries such as supermarkets, car repair shops, phone shops, etc.
  • Do not write the product name, service name, address, place name (province, city, district) in the Name, doing so will delete the location.
  • For enterprises with many chain-named locations under the same brand, all names of the same places must be inscribed (without adding the name of the street or place name in the name box).
  • Branches of businesses in localities only need to write the proper name of the enterprise, no need to write ‘Branch’, ‘Transaction office’, ‘at …’ because for users it is important The center is ‘what location does the service provide’ and not ‘where is the branch or headquarters’.
  • Write the name as short as possible because the long name will be cut short when shown on the small screen. Examples of names with correct names (not in brackets): ABC (bakery), ACB (bank), Vietcombank, Vinaphone, Mobile World, Co-apart.
  • Enter the catalog of the business. For a business with many industries, write many corresponding categories, do not create multiple locations for one place and each location has its own category. Try to choose the fewest number of categories possible.
  • The enterprise has many member units in one place (university, hospital), each member has its own activities and separate ways, it can be marked separately and the list must be different. If the unit does not have its own path and does not have a separate category, do not form a separate location.

Benefits of joining Google Business

  • Currently, most of the location information of businesses in Vietnam on Google maps is not official information from business owners but was inserted by tens of thousands of map users. Such informal locations are very precarious, easily edited by anyone for the purpose of taking advantage of, impersonating as the example above. Businesses need to quickly join Google Business to correct location information in accordance with guidelines and confirm with Google their locations. When a location is confirmed, businesses get many benefits such as:
  • Restricting the information to be changed or deleted, if it is changed or deleted, it will be easier for enterprises to recover.
  • Each location of a verified business becomes an electronic map sign. This sign appears at the top of the search results for a business or industry. Enterprises take care of signs will create a professional image, creating trust in customers.
  • Each location is also a public bulletin board, customers can paste pictures and comments on that bulletin board. Businesses receive a notification as soon as customers add comments or photos to their locations, businesses will respond to comments, or delete inappropriate images to enhance the value of their brand, increase customer satisfaction level, handle communication crisis timely. If they didn’t confirm their location, they would have left public message boards for people to post anything on.
  • When the location is full and in the right list, customers can reach the business through the recorded business line without knowing the business before. For example, a customer looking for a car repair shop will produce a list of local car repair shops.
  • The menu lists the dishes and services that the business places on its own website (according to ) will be automatically extracted to the location on Google map.
  • In short, a carefully created location on Google Business acts as the business location of the business that always appears in front of customers whenever customers come to the service. Customers see all the necessary information: industry, product or service, opening hours, phone numbers, directions …

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