User Rights and Contribution Process

  • When a new user Sign up or Register at The “Contributor” role will be assigned his/her profile.
  • New users can’t publish an article without review by Admin or Moderator.
  • Once a user got publishes 2 or 3 articles after reviewing, the user will be eligible for tunership.  Then he/she needs to apply for “Tunership”
  • User needs to fill up “Tunership Form” and after submitting the form, an Admin or Moderator will review your Tunership application.
  • Once it reviewed, the user will assign a new role “Author” and get permission for publishing the article directly.
  • Users may also eligible for “Editor” if the user is trusted and proof it by contributing to Ictwap.Com.
  • Users can share their contact information, link their social accounts. It also can edit or remove anytime.
  • Users can include only 1 referrer, source link otherwise article won’t be approved.

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